Rorschach Art Too

Rorschach Art Too - poems by Stephen Gibson

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Rorschach Art Too

— Poems by Stephen Gibson

winner of the Donald Justice Prize

(Story Line Press, 2014; reprint, Red Hen Press Legacy Title, 2021)

Stephen Gibson’s poems are the work of a serious, intent, often appalled tourist. The word might look like a putdown, but his subject is the glamour and horror of history, and when it comes to the past, attentive tourism is the best that any of us can hope for. This tourist’s gaze if focused and fascinated, his tone is even and intelligent (as he has it in one poem, “scared in the headlights, but the brain busy nonetheless”), and his technique is all but flawless (unobtrusively so, a true case of art hiding art). Together the gaze, the subjects on which it alights, and the poet’s superlative skill add up to poems of astute, moving observation and often overwhelming authority.
—Dick Davis